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Sporteq® Rapid Response Spar Bar


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  • Professional training assistant to increase boxing skills
  • Precision engineered 360 degree rotating Spar bar
  • High-impact motion bearings for faster, more fluid rotation
  • Custom-Padded Head Target attachment
  • Padded rotating arm attachment
  • Improve your footwork, Core stability, Strength and Speed!
  • Water/Sand filled base, so you can enjoy a robust workout
  • 50L water/sand-filled base
  • 15kg weight including packaging


5 in stock

Shadow boxing is the perfect way to maintain your fitness, as well as control it.

This all new Sporteq Free Standing Slam Bar & Punch Ball stimulates muscle exercise, while helping to reduce fat.

A must-have piece of boxing equipment.

Improves flexibility and boosts agility, during training.

Allows you to perform comprehensive and professional boxing training.

Innovative, rotating Slam Bar arm.

Great for indoor and outdoor use.

Excellent for hook and jab practice.

Sleek design.

For professional and amateur use.


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